'Take the Leap.
You've got the Wings.'

Erin Thomas,

Erin Thomas is an acclaimed professional writer, sought-after storyteller and creative messaging consultant who has seen time and time again the incredible power of compelling language. For the last 20 years, she has worked with brands, business leaders and speakers from around the world to elevate their ventures using bold, scroll-stopping messaging that FEELS in perfect alignment with who they are, what they’re doing and WHY. 

A storyteller at heart, Erin’s style of writing is all about connection as it’s the key to business growth: connecting the entrepreneur, authentically, to their own message and then connecting them to their audience using the undeniable power of the written- and spoken- word.

Often referring to herself as a Professional Leaper, Erin has made it her mission in life to take big leaps and has a gift for helping others do the same- in their businesses, in their lives and in their stories.

A Charleston, SC, native, Erin is currently living her dream expat lifestyle in Europe, with her husband, daughter, a Boston Terrier, a French Bulldog and two cats who think they own the place. (They’re probably right.)

What is ETC.?

Erin founded Erin Thomas Communications– ETC.- nearly 20 years ago with the same goal that she still has today: helping folks get crystal clear on what they offer (because confused people don’t buy!) and then taking their ventures to the next level through the creative, concise, compelling messaging.

In her commitment to offer clients streamlined, one-stop-shop solutions (alleviating for them the tedious task of tackling all the moving parts themselves!), Erin has assembled an intentionally-small network of ridiculously talented, badass creatives from around the world to help with all facets of communications, including web building, light graphic design, niche content and copy writing, media and public relations.

Meet the Team

Whitney McDuff

PR Rockstar,
Speaker Expert &
Co-Founder of the STAR experience
Whitney is a speaker brand strategist and content specialist, PR navigator, published author, blogger, and poet. She helps entrepreneurs, influencers, thought leaders, and authority experts build their public speaking brands. She and Erin together founded the STAR Experience. Passionate about extracting what makes each of her clients extraordinary, Whitney works with leaders around the globe to build their speaker and company brands for measurable impact. An avid lover of language, Whitney knows the strongest content tells a compelling story that moves people to lead remarkable lives. Her mix of cheer-leading and ass-kicking for clients gets them clear on messaging and connected to the people they need to get results.

Carly Oduardo

Lead Messaging MagiciaN,
ETC. Co-pilot
Summoning her passion for both people and language, Carly is a genius at finding the exact phrasing that lights up the audience and inspires them to take ACTION. She's also the yin to Erin's yang. With a Master's degree from the University of Colorado, Carly approaches the process of learning, growth, and self-expression in writing with the same care she held for her students in her former life as an elementary literacy teacher. She and her husband are homebodies-turned-travelers, raising their two children as global citizens and joyously preparing to move from Colorado to Spain later this year!

Valerie Passerini

Wordsmith Extraordinaire
Valerie is a Lakewood, CO-based writer with a law degree and seven years of experience as a copywriter and content manager for organizations and herself. She gravitates toward working with female-led businesses that embrace the unconventional, from leadership to messaging style.
When she’s not tap-tap-tapping away (her son’s view of what she does!), you can find her trail running, paddleboarding and practicing yoga, which helps with the previous two. After a Midwestern upbringing on Carl Budding turkey, processed cheese product and many sleeves of Chips Ahoy!, she now enjoys trying her hand at delicious cuisines far and wide, doing her darndest to avoid cutting her hand on her mandolin slicer.

Erin 'Rin' King

Behind-the-Scenes Superstar,
Etc. Ground Control
Rin is a systems and processes rock star and all about creating order through creative, outside-of-the-box thinking. Her superpower is empowering others to exceed their expectations through powerful collaboration. With a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing, she thrives on developing deep connections around the globe and considers them to be pillars of her virtual career as an OBM/VA. Rin considers herself to be a nomadic explorer calling planet earth home. For now, that home is in New Hampshire. You can find her at the river banks reading with a fishing pole, hiking local trails, and playing in the dirt.

Tharun Kongara

Website &
Digital Guru
Tharun specializes in crafting cohesive brand experiences across all digital touch-points, from websites to emails and everything in between.

With a Master's Degree in Marketing from a French Grande Ecole, Tharun's approach to website design is always through a marketing lens. A sought-after and highly-skilled web designer, his true passion lies in the intricate process of bringing designs to life through development.

A fan of long drives without destinations, Tharun recently moved from France to India and considers himself a 'technology nerd and movie buff.'

Jasmine Bergh

Language LoveR, Storyteller
Jasmine's specialty is crafting engaging and elegant narratives with just a hint of quirk that catches peoples' attention and gets the needle moving. Convinced she needed to have a 'proper' career, Jasmine got her start as a veterinary nurse and horse racer. Her 'a-ha' moment came when she realized that she could turn her writing hobby into a successful career. So back to school she went to earn a bachelor’s degree in marketing and creative writing, and the rest is history! Jasmine currently lives in Sweden and spends her free time hiking, training her dogs and crafting the next big fantasy saga that is sure to be picked up by Netflix any day now.

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