Let’s Spice Up Your Messaging…Together.

How We Support Our Clients

Living Room- Messaging Strategy

Messaging Strategy Consulting

Together, we look at what you’re doing now, what you could be doing to elevate your content, and create a roadmap to do just that. We then guide you in creating your own monthly messaging- or take it off your plate altogether. Totally up to you.

4 Weeks, 3 Wins, 2 Experts, 1 Recognizable Brand. If you’re ready to get clear and confident on what you do, who you do it for, how you do it and how to talk about it- all in just 30 days- Erin and Whitney are your Dream Team.

Learn more about your STAR Brand Experience here.


Launch, grow and maximize your visibility, impact and revenue as a sought-after speaker. In this 8-week program, you work with two industry experts to create and elevate everything you need for your brand, including all assets (ie. speaker reel, press release, podcast pitch, etc.), messaging strategy, language development AND we handle all of your pitching (um, hello, Monthly PR included!) to optimize your exposure! If you’ve ever considered a speaker brand (and if you haven’t, you should because it’s by far the biggest ROI when it comes to your visibility), this is a no-brainer.

Learn more about your STAR Speaker Experience here.

Website/Landing Page Elevation

Whether you’re building from scratch, revamping what’s already there or just need to talk through your next steps to knocking your web parking spot outta the park, taking your little corner of the internet to the next level is our jam.

Web Elevation

Professional Bios and LinkedIn Profile Revamps

2003 called and it wants its bland resume-rehash back. Yep, you can flush it right down the toilet! Today’s bios and About sections are all about three things: building connection, adding value, and positioning you as the industry or thought leader you are. We got you covered on all three.

Add-On Writing Services*

*offered in conjunction with any of the above services

Done For You Content

Monthly Content Creation

We get it. Content creation, week after week, month after month, is time consuming, especially if you don't enjoy- or aren't great at- the process.
For our monthly consulting clients, we are happy to dig in and deliver done-for-you content on a silver platter. Our approach begins with long-form content (like blogs, articles, newsletters) as the foundation of the supporting content (like LinkedIn posts, social media captions, emails). Graphics and hashtag research available, too.

Email Sequences

Whether you're launching a new offering, running a drip campaign, growing your list or nurturing your community, we specialize in email and newsletter messaging* that engages, connects, and converts for maximum impact.
(*While we do provide sales-based content for our clients, we specialize in CONTENT writing that nurtures, educates, and connects to increase impact and revenue. But, if you’re looking specifically for SALES writing, we aren’t your team.)

Social Mgmt

Monthly Social Media Management

Do you know that you need a consistent and stellar online presence, but realize that it’s keeping you working IN your business rather than ON it? Ain't nobody got time for that. Content creation, hashtag strategy, visuals and scheduling…Delegate to us and take it off your plate completely.